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Subterrax Interview


Interview was conducted with Nihilus Skourge of Subterrax by " the HANUS one"
the HANUS one: Introduce your project/band and where you are located
Nihilus Skourge: SubterraX is a lifeless black/death metal solo project consisting of Nihilus Skourge located in Castro Valley,

the HANUS one: What has inspired you to put together SUBTERRAX?

Nihilus Skourge: At the time I began, I was filled with a certain feeling of absolute lifelessness. An apathic state of depravity violently convulsing its scourge while taking form as a peaceful breeze. A cursed wind that leaves disease,melancholic dementia, violence, death and ruin in its subtle wake. I created that vision into SubterraX.

the HANUS one: Has SUBTERRAX always been a solo project or has there been other individuals involved?

Nihilus Skourge: SubterraX will remain a solo project when it comes to material. I have tried in the past to recruit session members for SubterraX but so far it hasn't been working out. The 2 things that I look for in a session member are 1.Being able to feel the music's obscurity. 2. Having an excellent pulse for the compositions (for example: "minion" from the cursed wind ep has a section that has 1st measure count 9/8, 2nd measure count 7/8 (or 4/4,5/4,4/4,3/4) and repeat 3x more at 250 or so bpm (16th note picking), then switch to 4/4 at 120bpm for 8 measures and so on...)

the HANUS one: What other projects are you involved in past and present?

Nihilus Skourge:  had some shitty bands in the past that were doomed from the beginning for many reasons.  Unaccomplished musicianship, egos,mediocre musicianships and me knowing the whole time that I needed to work on my own. What can I say? I'm fucking hard to work with. Or "cold and distant" as some ex-bandmates said -l-. I like to have all my ideas used at all times because I put great thought into it. I'm not going to spend hours fine tuning a piece to my perfection just to have some fucks for bandmates turn it down.  Vagl-Eygr was my first real band that started with 2 other guys but at that point I was already writing everything on my own. The only official member forVagl-Eygr, Hologram, and I eventually fazed eachother out and he's doing his own shit now.So Vagl-Eygr continues as a solo project ( Vagl-Eygr is a mix of many extreme metal styles (mostly Black) and influenced by windir, arcturus, dissection, j.s. bach, nocturnus, atheist, cryptopsy.....Lastly is Horse Flesh which I did not think I was going to stay in for long.But the band has since evolved greatly over the course of its existence. I had to teach Goat (the 2nd and final member of Horse Flesh) more than a few things about theory but he's gotten a lot better in a short amount of time and he is seriously a great guitarist with potential and motivation.Plus, I get to take a break from writing all the time and get behind the drum kit. We're working on recording an EP yet untitled at this moment. Horse Flesh is an extreme/prog/experimental/black metal band with influences from Dissection, Naglfar, Samael, Megadeth, Morbid Angel, Ancient....

the HANUS one:  I know that you are orig. from poland correct? how has the scenes of the underground vary between countries and has the change of cultures influenced you in your music?

Nihilus Skourge: I am part Polish, but I was born in Germany.Honestly, culture really has nothing to do with my music. I have moved around so much in my life that I really have no culture. My culture is Obscurity. I wouldn't really knowtoo much about the scene in Poland. In totality,  I have only been there for about 6 months my entire life just to visit relatives. I know that there (especially black metal) it's very much more culture based than in the states.

the Hanus one: It seems that from the CURSED WIND EP you are highly influenced by the older style of death and black metal what bands would you consider your biggest influences?

Nihilus Skourge: BEHERIT!!!!!! Also bands like Sarcofago, Samael, Sodom, Inquisition, Naked Whipper, Belphegor, Atheist, Nocturnus, Cemetary.....the obscure shit!

the HANUS one: What are your future goals for releases and projects?

Nihilus Skourge: Currently I am busy working with Horse Flesh but I am beginning to compile concepts and ideas for the SubterraX album to be recorded in solitude sometime this year.

the HANUS one: Do you plan to ever play live and what would be the ideal situation for this to occur?

Nihilus Skourge: Yes I would like to play live but finding session members is a problem. Basically for SubterraX to ever play a show I would need to find good musicians, chunks of cash and lots of support.

the HANUS one: How do you feel about todays underground scene and individuals triying to bring back the old school spirit of the compilations?

Nihilus Skourge: Well at one point I thought there was no fucking true fanbase for black metal at all. It's hard to run into people that are seriously into obscure fucking wretched shit. I have met people that are into black metal but they worry too much about being "Black Metal". Who knows the most BM bands, knows the most BM bands that NOBODY else has heard of, Who has the BM shirt with the most cryptic band logo, who's band sounds the shittiest, most-offtime, ugliest I don't give a fuck about that. It's about the compostions and concept first and foremost and if it has that fucking chaotic, wretched significance that black metal should be known for. The other shit is not important. Black Metal is an entity that should be felt. Definitely not a social thing. The compilations is always a great idea. Who doesn't like getting a comp. in the mail with a few bands (some you never heard of) to listen to. I definitely do and so should anyone else that's really into BM. I'm always eager to hear new BM bands but I hate hearing blatant rip-offs and just uninspiring shit. A lot of it is out there.

the HANUS one: What are your views on religion and society and its influences that has plagued this pathetic world for so long? do you ever see this changing?

Nihilus Skourge: The same as always. Religion is the iron fist upon society. Society is a mass of weak humans.I don't see this changing because life is becoming easier for people that conform and harder for people that rebel. Most humans I know would rather live a mediocre life than struggle eternally for ambitions they may not achieve...

the HANUS one: In closing any final comments or thoughts?

Nihilus Skourge: Hails and thanks to Brian for awesome support! Spit on the smoldering remains of the past and march into the future's bleak twilight! Good luck with DeathToll! (