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This interview was conducted with "Xaphan" (Joe) by "the HANUS one"
the HANUS one: Go ahead and introduce the band
Xaphan: I am "Xaphan" (JOE) the guitarist/lyricist of SATANICON and we are a blackk/death metal band in Cleveland, Ohio USA. We only play raw evil black/death satanic metal the old school way!
the HANUS one: What has been your inspiration behind forming SATANICON?
Xaphan: I was always a big fan during the 80s/90s of old school
blackmetal/deathmetal/blacktrash, etc.  from Venom, Sodom, Hellhammer, Bathory, Destruction, Mayhem, NME, Black Shepherd, Darkthrone, Burzum, Immortal, Ungod etc. Bandwise I would say my biggest inspiration is Bathory for the 80s/Ungod for the 90s my two most favorite bands of all time. For a long time I personally was a mere fan/spectator/consumer of underground metal shows and products (cds, vinyl, t-shirts, etc.) and content to be just only that!!! But I later, to be quite blunt, realized that one has to be more than that to get any cudos/recognition in metal. My drummer ("Witchhammer") who founded the band with me, back in 1999 C.E,. gave me guitar lessons for years before hand, until I got good enough to jam and start a band with him. I was often too busy working two "real/regular" jobs and came home too exhausted to practice alot on my guitar (I started out, my first guitar on a Lotus) many a nights. But after a break up with a really beautiful blackmetal chick I decided to get serious about getting good on the guitar so that hopefully I could tour (unfortunately that hasn't happened yet! only had two local gigs in life of the band so far!) and then
I would meet lots of girls into underground metal. Anyways in any case regardless of what happens I am addicted now to trying to make the band go somewhere regardless of circumstances but hoping things do get better for the band. I don't see anything wrong with acknowledging that there is a "social element" to metal..lots of people socialize at shows you know, guess I just have to show I have something to offer the black/death metal genre/scene/etc.
the HANUS one: What would you consider your biggest influence band wise and belief wise?
Xaphan: As i said that would be Bathory mostly but Ungod too.
the HANUS one: What other projects have you been involved in besides SATANICON?
Xaphan: No other so far but Witchammer has been in lots of other bands I can't remember which ones so you'd have to ask him on that one.
the HANUS ONE: How do you see the underground black/death scene developing in the past few years?
Xaphan: Unfortunately, I have seen too many young people of now think that "blackmetal" is all about goth blackmetal bands like Cradle of Filth and have no clue whatsoever what real old school blackmetal really is. But there are some true old school great bands coming out now at times from all over the world. Unfortunately I am on government assistance not working a regular job so I don't have much money to buy much new black/death metal right now.
the HANUS one:SATANICON seems to have a old school black metal feel to it ala BLASPHEMY/old BATHORY what other bands are you into at the moment?
Xaphan: Lots!!! Mercyful Fate, Necromantia, Varathron, Belphegor, Naglfar, Blood, Bloodthrone, Satyricon (which so many accuse us of trying to sound similar in name too..such ignorance just because the name "sounds so similar"), Zephyrous, The Black, Enslaved, the list goes on and on!
the HANUS one: What are your views torwards society and religion and does these views effect your music and in what ways?
Xaphan: I am actually at heart more of a LaVey type satanism adherent than a "traditional satanist" though I would try with the right materials under the right circumstances with promise of things I want to try to call on actual dark spiritual entities should they actually exist or as a just in case type of thing to do my bidding. I think christianity has caused more harm than good to the human race and enabled too much survival of the weak,
incompetent and useless, as christian values has corrupted many individuals and organizations including governments of the world especially the United States here into helping the useless people. LaVey is actually a type of
atheism seeing LaVey as mere metaphor for just living this life as if it's the only one and that after you die it's nothing but eternal black non-consciousness for all the deceased! I would say that knowing what christianity believes has helped me write "traditional satanist" type songs, thats mostly what I have written where I portray Satan and Hell as for real, but nonetheless I am a LaVey type satanist still! I fully understand what LaVey says in all his books. The guy may be dead but he left behind some really great philosophy and ideas and the current Church of Satan officials carry on well his work through the "Black Flame" annual publication. I don't know if Christianity will ever completely die out or not at least here on earth far as people attending church and reading the christian bible but I
think in years to come though it may be a long time it could become a small minority and be seen someday as a hoax. I found out too that a man named Ehrman wrote a book entitled "Misquoting Jesus" I got it from the library and read some but never finished in time and someone put a hold on it but it
had some very interesting material in it and I think it will pave the way for disagreement amongst christians, which can cause more tearing it down and causing people to see the real truth and realize the need to "fall away", possibly better than satanism could do.
the HANUS one: Do you play live and what is your usual show like?
Xaphan:We played a Halloween Party gig on October, 30, 1999 at a friends house and a bar gig near my apartment in June 2000. But other than that we can't seem to get booked around here. Jim Konya from Nunslaughter has booked some shows but he don't like our music much and thinks we're just noise. The
only other guy I know booking shows for blackmetal (and other types of metal too) is this guy "Metal Steve" who also manages Black Trinity, another blackmetal band here in Cleveland, but from what I have heard (not from him but like second or third hand) he would not book us either, because he thinks we sound like "Noise" too. Then again he and Surt the drummer for
Black Trinity whom I have talked to at shows has only heard our debut/demo cd and not the un-released material (recordings for our intended but yet unreleased second cd/demo "Hymns of Blasphemy"). The bar gig sucked because we played first as opening band and the local underground metal scenesters
most of them showed up way later but there were about 25 people there and they did clap for us after each song more or less. But the bar didn't even give any of us a free beer!
the HANUS one: What are your future goals with SATANICON and what are your plans as far as releases in the future?
Xaphan: I hope to get the band playing out live locally and otherwise hopefully even touring the states, Europe and elsewhere. We hope to get "Hymns of Blasphemy" out soon but I'm not sure when that depends on our money situation or if we find a record label willing to press it for us. And yes we hope to make other future recordings too. We actually have 26 total
songs. "Hymns of Blasphemy" is/was originally intended to be a split with Witchhammer's side band project Putrefy.
the HANUS one: Any final  comments or thoughts?
Xaphan: Thanks for the interview and may blackmetal and satanism dominate the planet!our website is:
bands, fans, fanzines, record labels, distros, radio stations, promoters, booking agents, etc. get in touch we need exposure and help to press our second cd/demo. for those of you without internet access our snail mail is:
Satanicon, P.O. Box 676, Lakewood, Ohio 44107, USA
our email is: